International Project Management

With lengthy "on-the-ground" experience in 40 countries on 5 continents, and remote management experience in many more, we are uniquely qualified to advise, assist, and manage many types of projects.  


Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air force)

Led re-design effort and delivered devices to secure certain aspects of Brazilian Air Force communications.  Supervised installation in country, traveling to all bases and headquarters facilities.

Ejercito de Ecuador (Ecuadorian Army)

Identified antenna issues that were limiting all communications and preventing secutre communications between Quito and units in the Amazon jungle.  Result:  Communications with 20 Watt radios from locations previously unable to communicate with 150 Watt radios on the same frequencies and at the same times of day. 

British Gas, Egypt -- Project Manager -- HF Radio 1200 bps Compressed Fax, Data, and Voice System; full duplex VHF telephone relay; VHF Marine

Designed system, towers, and antennas; supervised installation; trained Egyptian operators and maintenance personnel. The HF System had three locations: Cairo, shore station at Gulf of Suez, and on a movable rig in the Gulf of Suez.
  • Engineered 55 mile path from shore station to movable drilling rig for 75 MHz full-duplex voice telephone interconnect that supported Group 3 fax at 4800 bps, and 53 mile path for VHF Marine (162 MHz) radios from alternate shore station to rig.
  • Engineered footings and guy points in sand, and supervised installation of 110 foot tower. 
    • Structure was engineered to withstand 130 MPH sustained winds and sand erosion.
    • Guy points and tower were separately fenced to prevent damage by wild camels.
  • Designed and supervised local construction and erection of 50 foot self-supporting building mounted tower for marine VHF link.
  • Designed and supervised installation of HF antennas, including a counterpoise on top of the Cairo headquarters, and at the shore stations
  • Designed and supervised installation of battery back-up systems to provide up to one week of normal operation for all shore sites.
  • Created System Operations Manual, including operator troubleshooting and frequency selection guide.
  • Secured a frequency change from PTT by presenting technical model run data that clearly showed that assigned HF frequencies would not be supported by the ionosphere.

Corporate Client, Dallas -- Process Improvement and Documentation
  • $500,000+ annual savings from re-designed warehouse operations
  • $200,000+ in savings in the first year from refined and documented Rapid Procurement procedure.
    • Provided clear guidance for the Ship or Local Purchase decision
      • Weighted decision by the impact (cost) of a performance penalty
    • Set approval dollar limits for each level of management
    • Designated the Role to call for each level of approval
    • Shortened decision times
  • Set up process for ISO-9002 certification.
  • Created ISO 9000 procedures for test and repair, including emergency parts and supplies purchasing.
  • Developed Documentation Control Procedure, and documented all procedures and work instructions.

PrimeCo -- Process Improvement and Documentation
  • Established documentation control system. 
  • Wrote and revised Engineering Standards, Procedures, and Practices. 
  • Revised and edited Integrated Network Plan, including capacity (RF and network), signaling (SS7), switching (MSC), transport, and all other disciplines.
  • Authored power, grounding, and document control chapters.
  • Created documentation for two engineering software packages. 
  • Created various technical documents.

ALCATEL, INC.,  -- Lead Curriculum Designer and Subject Matter Expert for Cross-Connect Products.
  • Designed and created curriculum for instructor-led training programs on Network Management products, Cross Connect products, and Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer products.
  • Created student manuals, presentation graphics, and training aids.
  • Validated courseware against Network Element software and Network Management software.
  • Tested system and developed user "best practice" for inclusion in training.
  • Recognized as subject matter expert on products.
  • Created and revised Word template documents and ".dot" (style) files.
  • Created and revised Interleaf "catalog" (template) files.
  • Edited and corrected technical documents produced by Documentation to eliminate technical inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and other errors.

State of Texas -- "Operation S.E.C.U.R.E." HF Radio System
  • Designed and installed Operation S.E.C.U.R.E. HF radio system in the Texas Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and 35 Texas Department of Public Safety Regional and District offices in all parts of the state. This system allowed all sites to communicate with all other sites and the EOC without landline or cellular coverage, and without requiring satellite communications equipment.
  • Created System Operation manual, including EMERGENCY OPERATIONS section to enable NON-TECHNICAL personnel to completely remove and re-assemble the system in a parking lot if necessary, use an automobile battery for emergency power, and create an emergency antenna.  (This manual was tested on new hires, with 100% being able to complete the tasks with no help.)
  • Created Video Based Training to go along with the manual
  • Delivered Instructor-led training in Austin and Amarillo

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