At least $2,000,000 in sales are required to produce the same Bottom Line Profit as $100,000 in savings.  The problem is that most Consultants look only at negotiating with the carriers, and maybe shuffling the warehouse.  We look at the business requirements of your business, and work toward maximizing results for your customer while minimizing costs.

Let us save money for your company.
  • Is your business plagued by slow delivery to or from international locations and/or clients? 
  • Are you wasting precious dollars by unrealistically shipping "on demand"?
  • Are you paying unnecessary duties and taxes?
  • Are your company's "cost reduction" efforts based mainly upon negotiating rates with carriers and freight forwarders?
  • Are there circumstances under which it is cheaper, faster, and/or better to purchase at the site of need instead of shipping?

We can institute procedures that provide substantial savings, and provide a rapid ROI for the dollars spent on our services.  We will train your key personnel in the use of these techniques so that your company can maintain savings year after year.

Our Proven Record:
  • Single year savings of $2.7M in one location of a multi-national company
  • Average of $500,000/yr in repeatable savings in one business unit
  • Legally ELIMINATED both duties and taxes on most trade show and "road show" shipments
  • Reduced transit + clearance times from 70+ days to < 5 days in India (94%)
  • Reduced transit + clearance times from 21+ days to 1 day in Mexico (95%)
  • Reduced transit + clearance times in other countries by 20% to 70%
  • Simultaneously reduced both shipment costs and clearance costs
    • Reduced the cost of unit boxes by over 50%
    • Reduced single unit shipping cost by over 30%
    • Reduced multiple unit shipment costs by over 60%
    • Eliminated storage charges
    • Reduced or eliminated "technical inspection" charges
    • Eliminated $100 per shipment in internal shipping costs
  • Reduced time of delivery to Customer for critical shipments
  • Improved shipment tracking for critical shipments
  • Designed, created, and presented training programs to ensure understanding and compliance.

We fix the "unnoticed" and "minor" issues that cost your company very substantial amounts of money. 

We will help you build Management Control Procedures that allow your non-senior shipping and/or warehouse staff to determine WHEN it is (and is not) effective to ship "right now", WHO they are to contact for "exceptions", how you can save $$$ by designing for shipment, and how to comply with US and international regulations.

We will also address several other important issues that impact item packaging, commercial invoice descriptions, export/import delays, labeling, and marking of products and shipments.  We can help you align your operations to regulations that apply to specific business segments, to specific U.S. states, and/or to specific countries.

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